27 Jun 2012

Vancouver news site praising CBOBC
quickly becoming highly respected

“The Campaign to build One Big Campaign” (CBOBC) has become a near-unavoidable presence for progressive Canadians on the Internet,” says the Vancouver Observer. As one of the founders of CBOBC, I’m sure everyone in our group is pleased to receive praise from what I can easily say has become one of the country’s best news and analysis sites.

The Vancouver Observer
“With its rapid-fire news updates, biting political cartoons and aggressive push for campaigns such as BlackOutSpeakOut, the group is pushing progressive politics in ways that old-fashioned letter-writing never could" writes Observer Managing Editor Jenny Uechi in an article posted on the Observer site on June 22nd  

20 Jun 2012

CBOBC has impressive Facebook launch
now expanding its capacity in other areas

With every passing week of Stephen Harper’s destruction of the fabric of our country, more and more Canadians are following the development of the ‘Campaign to Build One Big Campaign’ (CBOBC), hoping that huge campaigns can be developed to take the wind out of the sails of the Conservatives and their corporate allies.

So it’s no surprise that CBOBC has made an impressive debut on Facebook, establishing a potential reach of more than 390,000 people and organizations after only six weeks of operation.

CBOBC has been created by a small group of independent, non-partisan Canadians to work with progressive networks and movements and help with their campaigning to stop the advances of the Harper government and irresponsible corporations.

Even old lefties like me are being pulled out of retirement to stand up for what is right.

6 Jun 2012

Big campaigns must come following
great success of BlackOutSpeakOut

The success of the BlackOutSpeakOut campaign in forcing the Harper Conservatives to send a defensive team of 10 Cabinet Ministers across the country is a clear signal that much larger protest campaigns can be even more successful in defending the rights of Canadians.

The fact that more than 500 groups joined the protest and that individuals sent 32,000 emails to MPs is encouraging news for the Campaign to Build One Big Campaign (CBOBC). CBOBC was created in April to promote exactly this kind of campaign. Click here to access our Facebook page. 

Groups representing hundreds-of-thousands of people blacked out their websites and social media pages and replaced them with  BlackOutSpeakOut messages, along with a link to the website of the organizing group. Organizations are protesting the near-certain passing of Bill C-38, which will lead to environmental destruction and the suppression of free expression.