25 Jun 2013

Corporate money preventing all-out
campaign to stop global warming

Highly-regarded former Toronto Mayor David Miller says he is "very excited" about becoming the new President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund-Canada in September.

"They've made such a difference," Miller told The Toronto Star, "and to be part of an organization that knows how to make real change is a unique opportunity."

But there are questions about whether the WWF is effective in its work and, moreover, why the WWF and other members of the global environmental movement have made such little progress combatting the most serious threat to earth - climate change.

The magnitude of the crisis facing humankind cannot be overstated. More than 400,000 people are dying each year, and, a confidential report from the United Nations said that three years ago corporations caused $2.2-trillion damage to the environment.

5 Jun 2013

It's high time the Liberals or NDP challenged our 'corporate elite'

With the next federal election a little more than two years away, it is time we started asking the Liberals and New Democrats what kind of government they will deliver if either one could bounce the Conservatives from power.

It would be unwise to underestimate the Conservatives’ devious political smarts, but it increasingly looks like we may have a dramatic change in Ottawa – perhaps a Liberal government.

A win for either the Liberals or NDP will be a tremendously important change, but the winner should also be able to deliver a new kind of politics.