8 Dec 2010

Series Discusses Failures of Mainstream Media
and the Challenges Facing Public Interest Journalism

Mainstream media is failing to meet the needs of Canadians. News organizations lack the resources to cover many important stories and investigative journalism has all but been eliminated. Too often, corporate-owned media continues to filter and censor the news.  With traditional media failing society, can public and alternative media make inroads and provide Canadians with quality news, information, and opinion?

This seven-part series was written at the height of the mainstream media collapse, during the winter of 2010, but many of the observations still apply today.  Corporate-owned media has gone through a dramatic reorganization during which editorial staffs were decreased by as much as 40 per cent in some cases. This series discusses how public interest, non-profit media can expand in Canada.

The articles are as follows: 

Part 1: Canwest latest ‘media giant’ to exploit news operations
Part II: Why we must limit the influence of corporate media
Part III: Globe’s pro-business reporting example of bad journalism
Part IV: Sustainable independent media needs a breakthrough
Part V: Could a ‘mini-paper’ nip at the heels of mainstream press?
Part VI: Independent media advocates must develop creative news sites
Part VII:  Funding for non-profit media or public interest activities 


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