11 Jan 2012

'Dinner for two' for first journalist who
dares to explain Conservative ideology

Journalists in the mainstream Canadian media are being intimidated from fully describing the soulless ideology practised by the Harper Conservative government – at least this has been my impression for some time now. 

Wanting to find out what journalists are really writing about the Tories and neoliberalism, I spent some time this week searching the Internet for any 2011 articles that would link the two.

I felt that, if the mainstream media is involved in an unspoken conspiracy of silence to hide the evil economic philosophy of the Harper government, the public needs to know. 


And if this is the case, I also want to publicly expose and embarrass the big media corporations for their censorship of this important information – thus my challenge. 

First of all, it was no surprise that several independent and alternative media – such as rabble.ca and Straight Goods – allowed their journalists to describe the Harper Conservatives’ ideology.

Searching two dozen mainstream newspapers, I found many articles describing individual Conservative economic policies, such as budget cutting and reducing the taxes on corporations, but nothing that drew them all together under the economic policy of neoliberalism and explained that these were not one-off policies but a political and economic outlook. 

The only use of the unmentionable word – neoliberalism – I could find in our national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, was in a column by freelance journalist Gerald Caplan, but there was no mention of the Harper government. The Vancouver Sun carried a short review of a book by Henry Giroux about the evils of neoliberalism. 

That was it!

It is possible that I may have missed my much sought-after story, but I don’t think so. 

For the entire year of 2011, I could not find one column or one article by any journalist from Canada’s 24 “leading” papers that identified and described the true ideology practised by the Harper Conservatives. 

Of course if I were Stephen Harper, I would want my deepest economic beliefs to be kept secret.

Neoliberalism is a truly evil ideology for at least 80 per cent of Canadians. Among many things, it is robbing us of well-paid jobs, eliminating our pensions, and cheating our children out of a prosperous future. In Europe and the United States, neoliberal policies are destroying the lives of millions of people. It is nearly impossible to imagine but, in Greece, destitute families are abandoning their children

From what I know, not once did a reporter from the mainstream press step forward at a news conference during the last election campaign and ask, “Mr. Harper, would it be correct to say that your party follows neoliberal policies?”

Hmmm . . . . I wonder what would have happened to that journalist?

I find it strange – no, disturbing – that the name and description of the political ideology being implemented by our government of seven years is missing from the tens-of-thousands of articles in the mainstream media about the Conservatives.

Clearly, individual journalists cannot be blamed for this. Most daily journalists work in an environment where they are intimidated from suggesting stories having anything to do with Harper neoliberalism or evaluating its impact. This is one of many taboo topics in corporate newsrooms.

The media corporations, not individual journalists, must be held responsible for withholding a full description of the Harper economic agenda. 

First of all, newspaper corporations strongly support and benefit from neoliberal policies. Second, it appears that all major media companies in the country, with the exception of The Toronto Star, are on the Harper bandwagon. 

Many of the dailies occasionally criticize Harper for one thing or another, but to allow any of their journalists to describe Harper’s neoliberal policies in full would enrage the vindictive Harper. It also would send an alert to a public that does not realize that many of the things they dislike about the Conservatives are part of a bigger bundle. 

How serious is this unspoken conspiracy? I believe it is just as scandalous as a group of companies that use the old “wink wink” method to fix consumer prices. If there ever was a need to expand and develop truly independent media in Canada, this is it.

Dippers, socialists, and commie-lovers

Meanwhile, many of the big newspapers never miss an opportunity to describe – or misrepresent – the ideology and policies of the New Democrats.

Last Saturday, a column by NDP-hater Jeffrey Simpson in the print version of The Globe and Mail called the New Democrats “Dippers.” Simpson totally trashed NDP economic ideas while at the same time endorsed key aspects of neoliberalism – without using the unmentionable word. 

I digress. Of course the New Democrats are incessantly referred to by corporate media as “socialists”, not “democratic socialists.” And not too far beneath the surface is the hint that the New Democrats have been spawned by communists – despite the fact that, in reality, democratic socialists and communists historically were the worst of enemies. 

Newsrooms at corporate media are in a sorry state these days. While dozens of columnists across the country espouse conservative and even, unknowingly, fascist ideas, I know of only three columnists who write from an independent and progressive perspective. 

Incidentally, the “lefties in media” list shrank a whole lot recently when The Toronto Star, citing budget pressures, cut Linda McQuaig’s weekly column back to once a month.

Reward for journalist to come forward

It seems to me that our meek mainstream newspaper folks need some encouragement to write about what our national government really stands for.

I want to offer an incentive for mainstream of journalists to begin telling the entire story when it comes to Tory economic policy. So, I hereby offer a prize of Dinner for Two at any restaurant of her/his choice (value $150) to the first mainstream newspaper journalist who writes a full article about the neoliberal policies of the Harper Conservatives. 

The contest is “on” effective Saturday, January 14 2012 and will end April 30 2012.

Since I don’t have the resources to check the content of all of these papers, I am offering a “finder’s fee” of $50 to anyone who first spots the article that meets the prize criteria.

Congratulations to the winning journalist and media organization that sees the light and understands the importance of telling the truth when it comes to the Harper Conservative government and its’ agenda!

Please subscribe to my blog to receive future articles.

JABS AND LEFT HOOKS: Coca-Cola is in trouble again, this time in Swaziland, where it is accused of propping up one of Africa’s most notorious dictators. Coke operates its largest plant in Swaziland. Critics want them to leave the country because taxes from the plant line the pockets of the corrupt king who is accused of serious rights violations . . . . The Harper government and its support groups were quick to seize the agenda the day the Northern Gateway pipeline began, getting all kinds of media attention from their largely irrelevant revelation that U.S. money is going to Canadian environmental groups fighting the pipeline. The environmental groups didn’t make much of an impact on the public and, frankly, lost the day. Where is the information about how the real beneficiaries of the billions in profits from the project are U.S. companies, and how many millions do the Americans spend in Ottawa every year lobbying?  

Participating daily newspapers:
Quebecor (Sun Media): Kingston Whig-Standard, St. Catherine`s Standard
Sun Media: Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, Toronto Sun, Winnipeg Sun
Irving Empire: Saint John Telegraph Journal, Fredericton Gleaner, Moncton Times-Transcript
Halifax Chronicle-Herald
Thomson family: The Globe and Mail
Postmedia: National Post, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Regina Leader Post, Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, The Windsor Star, The Calgary Herald
Torstar: The Toronto Star, (Kitchener-Waterloo) Record, The Hamilton Spectator, The Guelph Mercury


  1. Neo-liberalism is an absurd philosophy; basically it is that everyone doing his own thing without concern for any other individuals or groups (as if "groups" could exist in a total 'do your own thing' environment).

    Out spoken Libertarians when confronted with rational arguments pointing to ultimate catasthophies when "do your own thing" runs wild can easily be backed in to corners of their own making. Of course they have to be Atheist as their philosophy puts them at odds with any sane religious "groups" but when they are coupled to right wing political/Christianity that is when they can be dangerous.

    However the best way to handle the grass roots is to find points of agreement (generally "grassroots" rightwingers hate the liberals and banksters as much as do progresssives so when dealing with them one can start with that point of agreement. If the people you are talking to are rational then after the progressive view of the banks is shown to be in line with protecting the little people many grass roots will abandon the naive idea that individuals (do your own thing) can get anywhere without a collective forum.

    Here is an excellent example of a Libertarian rightwing analisys of the bank/debt problem in Europe initially caused by "liberals" and so called "socialists in lieu ot the courage to fairly tax those able to pay "spending money they don't got".

    True Finns:
    Why I Don't Support Europe's Bailouts
    Our political leaders borrow ever more money to pay off the banks, which return the favor by lending ever more money back to our governments

  2. Why I Don't Support Europe's Bailouts
    Our political leaders borrow ever more money to pay off the banks, which return the favor by lending ever more money back to our governments
    When I had the honor of leading the True Finn Party to electoral victory in April, we made a solemn promise to oppose the bailouts of euro-zone member states. Europe is suffering from the economic gangrene of insolvency—both public and private. Unless we amputate that which cannot be saved, we risk poisoning the whole body.
    To understand the real nature and purpose of the bailouts, we first have to understand who really benefits from them.
    At the risk of being accused of populism, we'll begin with the obvious: It is not the little guy who benefits. He is being milked and lied to in order to keep the insolvent system running. He is paid less and taxed more to provide the money needed to keep this Ponzi scheme going. Meanwhile, a symbiosis has developed between politicians and banks: Our political leaders borrow ever more money to pay off the banks, which return the favor by lending ever more money back to our governments.
    In a true market economy, bad choices get penalized. Instead of accepting losses on unsound investments—which would have led to the probable collapse of some banks—it was decided to transfer the losses to taxpayers via loans, guarantees and opaque constructs such as the European Financial Stability Fund.
    The money did not go to help indebted economies. It flowed through the European Central Bank and recipient states to the coffers of big banks and investment funds.
    Further contrary to the official wisdom, the recipient states did not want such "help," not this way. The natural option for them was to admit insolvency and let failed private lenders, wherever they were based, eat their losses.
    That was not to be. Ireland was forced to take the money. The same happened to Portugal.
    View Full Image

    Getty Images
    Unfortunately for this financial and political cartel, their plan isn't working. Already under this scheme, Greece, Ireland and Portugal are ruined. They will never be able to save and grow fast enough to pay back the debts with which Brussels has saddled them in the name of saving them.
    Setting up the European Stability Mechanism is no solution. It would institutionalize the system of wealth transfers from private citizens to compromised politicians and failed bankers, creating a huge moral hazard and destroying what remains of Europe's competitive banking landscape.
    Fortunately, it is not too late to stop the rot. For the banks, we need honest, serious stress tests. Stop the current politically inspired farce. Instead, have parallel assessments done by regulators and independent groups including stakeholders and academics. Trust, but verify.
    Insolvent banks and financial institutions must be shut down, purging insolvency from the system. We must restore the market principle of freedom to fail.
    If some banks are recapitalized with taxpayer money, taxpayers should get ownership stakes in return, and the entire board should be kicked out. But before any such taxpayer participation can be contemplated, it is essential to first apply big haircuts to bondholders.
    For sovereign debt, the freedom to fail is again key. Significant restructuring is needed for genuine recovery. Yes, markets will punish defaulting states, but they are also quick to forgive. Current plans are destroying the real economies of Europe through elevated taxes

  3. Continued:
    Where I part company with these rightwingers is at the point of "restructuring". This is where/when progressives need to get out of their armchairs and come up with REAL COLLABORATIVE solutions. Individual 'little guys' can't cut it and those need to be shown co-operative ideas are the ONLY way to go. Will progressive in the 21st century be up to this? Or will they leave it to demagogs as happened in the early 20th century when the British Banksters screwed the German working class. At that time Social Democrats were lax and hindsight shows the tragic results of such in action.

    Incidently Occupy 99% in the USA has attracted many (ex) Tea Party types; an illustration of what works when the working class and other little guys are shown the right leadership.

  4. I wonder how many people have the faintest idea what neoliberalism is, or its origins (which in Canada include previous Conservative and Liberal governments).

    Maybe the best way to start is for a print journalist to write a non-partisan article explaining the ideology in detail, including the arguments of both supporters and opponents, but without directly implicating the current Conservative government.

    Readers might then be able to draw their own conclusions.

  5. Yes, as Cornered Cat points out, many Canadians are probably unfamiliar with this term. If pressed, many would probably guess neoliberalism was some sort of middle-of-the-road, slightly left-leaning philosophy, or maybe a plan to bring the Liberal Party back to power! As eyes begin to glaze over at the mere mention of politics, any article needs to be as concise as possible to find any broad readership.

  6. There is a wonderfully succinct expression of Neoliberalism by Max Haiven. "Neoliberalism is not just a free-market-fundamentalist political ideology, it is also a cultural idiom. It gets into how we think and relate to one another. At its most basic, neoliberalism insists that anything valuable in this world can and should be measured by money. It has seen all other ideas of value in our society (aesthetic values, moral values, environmental values, political values) bow down before money as the ultimate definition of what is valuable." Read his whole article here: http://artthreat.net/2012/01/nscad-crisis-art-school/

    1. "Value" is created by entrepreneur led labour and that is its SOLE source. To attribute 'value' to anything else is incorrect; this may be due to ignorance, or to desire to deceive.

      Often it is confused with "wealth", "riches" encompasing speculation based on non labour inputs but these are always speculative and subjective. The current bankster frauds (inflated "fictitious capital") are examples; their prices are purely speculative. In the current scenario these are manipulative rather than supply/demand based; hence the fraud component is dominant. Natures inputs are wealth and thus this term has a real component to be recognised. In the 21st century environmental concerns add urgency to this need.

      Another common term in economics is (marginal) utility; that is the very subjective exchange factor and this one was not completely understood by Karl Marx. It can literally change with the weather, e.g. heaters, fans, umbrellas; it largely determines the price of the moment but NOT value which is determined by replacement labour. "Marginal" utility refers to valuating (additional) quantities of same or similar commodities; I.e. I might require two overcoats for fashion but clearly either can shield me from the cold so the utility of the first is greater than the added or marginal utility of the second. Marginal utility can even be negative; I.e. medicines overdosed, too much coffee/tea.

      So to measure by 'money' means to measure very subjective and easily manipulated intangibles; I.E. figures don't lie but liars can manipulate. thus neo-liberals must be either honest but ignorant or informed liars.

  7. I hardly doubt the media is involved in some kind of unspoken conspiracy of silence. It’s more the fact that the Harper government is completely media-unfriendly and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get any information from them, let alone interview anyone in order to pose tough questions.

    Concerning The Gazette, I can assure you there is absolutely no interference from above in what we write. True, they only want to make money and often try to disguise ads as news, but we journalists push back strongly when that happens.

    I would say things are much better at The Gazette in terms of journalistic freedom than under the Aspers, which was an absolute nightmare. But we pushed back VERY forcefully then too.

    Sue Montgomery
    Justice Reporter,
    The Gazette, Montreal

  8. One small footnote - the Halifax Herald is independent, and you should list is as such. We should give credit where it is due ... if only they were more likely to write the column you have in mind because of this. That I cannot promise.

  9. Eugene Robinson
    Opinion Writer

    Reexamining the myth of no-fault capitalism.

    I plucked this title from the Wasington Post; "no-fault capitalism" is an accurate short hand description of neo-liberalism and the frauds and swindles nurtured within its ideology.

  10. Ian Robinson - Calgary Sun22 January 2012 at 16:39

    I have never been told what topic to choose by an editor. Never had a column spiked. Your view of the business I'm in is distorted beyond belief and bears no resemblance to the newspaper industry in which I've spent most of my adult life.

    I get called names all the time by people whose political views differ from my own, and their go-to position is that I'm a paid shill for whoever they dislike because they can't conceive of a world in which someone disagrees with them. I'm not in anybody's pocket. I'm a newspaper copy editor who writes a weekly column as a labour of love for a tiny stipend because it allows me to participate more fully in the politics of my times.

    If what appears to be your world view, replete with references to an 'evil' PM and an 'unspoken conspiracy' among people like me to drive his agenda, is a serious expression of your beliefs and not mere hyperbole, then it strikes me as less political position and more a symptom of some sort of mental disorder. There is no sinister 'Them' that is out to get you and I'm sorry you think there is.

    Ian Robinson
    Columnist & copy editor

    Twitter: @SunIanRobinson

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